Company profile

The company was founded by transformation of the company, Ltd., date-based PATP 28.2.1992, joint-stock company ELDAT to 31. January 1, 1995. The founder of the company is a group of engineers with experience in the field of design of electrical equipment, measurement and control systems, control systems.

We focus mainly on engineering and contracting activities in the field of design of electrical equipment and heavy current measurement and control, on the creation of control systems of technological processes (PLC), the operational level of control (HMI) and the information technologies in the field of manufacturing information systems (MES).

The main areas of action of our company are mainly metallurgy, blast and industrial furnaces, coking plants, chemical industry, ecology, transport and weighing systems, energy aggregates, processing and distribution of gas, water treatment, the food industry and many other sectors.

Our company has workers in the field of engineering activities, design of electrical equipment, in the area of technological processes control systems programming and information technologies.

For our work, we use the most modern technical resources and system software for comprehensive coverage of the high requirements placed on modern automation of production processes.

Furthermore, we have the technical know-how in special areas of qualified methods of digital control, identification of controlled systems, dynamic optimization setting of regulatory circuits, and reduction of energy consumption heat-thermal processes application of the static and dynamic models of control.

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