The quality policy

For successful maintenance and improvement of the quality system is established the following quality policy:

  1. For our customers we provide a comprehensive delivery system of control and control of technological processes, with an emphasis on fully automatic control ensuring observance of technological discipline in production and minimize energy consumption. Detailed diagnosis of breakdowns, with accurate time and place of occurrence, customer shall ensure minimize downtime. Such a solution in conjunction with warranty and customer service activities helps to build mutual trust and respect between the customer and our company.
  2. Independence from specific suppliers of technical equipment enables us to design for the customer a reliable, modern and open (easily expandable in the future) technical solution, ideally suited for the management of a given technology, with an emphasis on respect for the habits of the customer and with regard to minimize total cost of ownership. To ensure a solution to the latest level of technology we are constantly monitoring the technical and quality level of the products and equipment of our suppliers and their technological developments presented at training sessions, conferences and seminars. Our suppliers also periodically evaluate in terms of business conditions, the quality of supply, meeting the deadlines, the level of the negotiations and of the quality system.
  3. The company’s greatest asset is people. Jobs at our company we recruit people with the appropriate type and level of education. Interested in management of the company is to ensure the long-term growth of our staff qualifications planned educational program. Our employees work in an environment with an emphasis on Visual enjoyment with ergonomic conditions for the protection of workers’ health. Their work they do on devices with the highest technological levels and using the latest development tools.
  4. For the construction and operation of the system of quality management of the company there is appointed a representative of the management, which takes care of the proper functioning of the quality system. This worker is an active bearer of attention to customer’s needs and obligations relating to the subject of our activities and our products.


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